Hi everyone!

Thanks for checking out my blog.  This is a new venture for me and I’m really excited to be sharing my love for books with you all.

I’ve only recently discovered my love for reading, more specifically my love for books that leave me sitting on the edge of my seat, books I can’t put down until their done.  You can usually catch me reading anything Contemporary from Young Adult, New Adult, Romance, Paranormal Romance.  I love books that make my heart thump in my chest, give me goosebumps, make me cry, but most of all make me want to never put it down.

You will find me reading anything with a hot hunk of a man, and Alpha male, a rocker, tattooed hottie.  I love a steamy book, a book with drama, or anything that puts me on a emotional roller coaster. (I don’t know why I do that to myself).

I decided that since I spend so much time reading I might as well share these books with you, my thoughts and opinions on them and hopefully you all find that you love them as much as I do.


Malory @ Loverly’s Book Blog

4 Responses to About

  1. MoMabie says:

    Yooohoo, fifty5cents here… I’ve also been married for 3 years w/ no babies. I did not realize. I bet were like bestfriends somehow 😉

  2. bookgossips says:

    Love our blog, look forward in reading your future reviews.

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